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RRANK Co. 4'x10' Kennel

RRANK Co. 4'x10' Kennel

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We currently have prototypes out for testing and expect retails units to be ready for sale around January 2024!

We'll be offering a promo price for our initial run of kennels at $999! Join our email list to stay up to date with announcements!

Complete 4'x10' Kennel with Stainless Steel Hardware and Latch System

Our 4'x10' kennel system is 72" high and features a full 48" interior width. Included with our kennels are stainless steel bolts and nuts for assembly and a stainless steel latch system. Plastic snap-in square plugs are included for the bottom feet.

Most manufacturers use a powder coat finish on their kennel systems, while this is a better finish than paint, it's inferior to a hot dip galvanized finish. Hot dip galvanizing is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed without the cost of stainless steel, and is considered superior in terms of cost and life-cycle. The hot dip galvanization process is completed after all machining and welding has been completed.

Our kennel system features a 30mm square tube frame with mitered and welded corners to prevent debris and moisture from entering the top of the frame. The frame is pre-drilled and 0.192" diameter, 2"x4" welded wire mesh in inserted in each hole. We complete the installation of the wire mesh by welding around the circumference of each wire where it enters the frame. This results in a kennel with no sharp edges and eliminates the rattling associated with chainlink kennels. 

Our kennel system is secured with custom 1/4" stainless hardware for its strength and corrosion resistance properties. All of our hardware is custom made for an exact fit when connecting our kennel system. Each connection point consists of a bolt, (2) 1.125" stainless spacers, and a cap nut. 

Our kennel door is 24" wide and is designed to swing 180° and is removable when perpendicular to the front panel. The front panels can be installed so the door is on either the right or left side of the panel. With the door removed there is 26.5" of clearance for easy installation or removal of dog houses.

Our latch system features stainless steel components and the kennel doors are secured with quick release locking pins, which are virtually impossible for a dog to open once secure, but are quickly opened by pressing a button and removing the pin. Other manufacturers use spring loaded door latches that can snap off or be bent enough that a dog can escape through the kennel door be jumping against it repeatedly. 




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